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Congratulations on your decision to experience a Phase One Turbo of The Ultimate Journey.

We are confident that your desire to begin walking The Ultimate Journey is something God has placed on your heart out of his great love for you. If your experience is like ours and the 1000’s who have gone before you, you’ll never be the same! The Abundant Life we all long for is found in Jesus Christ whose mission is one of restoration. Our prayer is that taking The Ultimate Journey will be a significant step towards being restored to the person you were created to be and to the Life you were created to live.


As you prepare, it will be helpful to read the preparatory

readings that will jumpstart your journey.

As a three-day intensive “turbo” application of The Ultimate Journey, our sessions will begin at 8:30 AM and will end around 5:30 PM. There will be significant homework for the first two nights, so it would be wise to look at these three days as completely devoted to what your Heavenly Father wants to accomplish in your heart.

What to Bring

• Journal or Notebook (You may also use a laptop to journal as well.)
• Pens
• Pictures of yourself from infancy through adolescence is you have access to them.
• The remaining balance of The Ultimate Journey tuition of $395 unless you have already made payment or have discussed other arrangements

It is important to note that this is not a typical seminar where the leaders do all of the talking and the participants sit back and listen. You will be in a small group with a facilitator and no more than two other participants. Each day we will go out for lunch together at a local restaurant. Lodging and meals are not included in your turbo fee.

Most of what you will experience during these three days will be hands on, dealing with issues in your own personal life. This will require you to come willing and ready to be transparent and open. Please make this a matter of prayer as you prepare to come. We also encourage you to share what you are doing with some trusted allies and enlist them to intercede for you during these three days as well.

Feel free to dress casual and comfortable for the sessions.

I am looking forward to the opportunity of walking with you and witnessing all that our Father has in store for you. Let me know if you have any further questions and we’ll see you soon!

For Life and the One who gives it,

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