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There is a longing in every man for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.  And there's a reason God put that longing in our hearts.  Based on the masculine journey outlined in "Wild at Heart" by John Eldredge, this weekend will be made up of teaching sessions led by Eldredge and his team via video, fun, restorative recreation, and great food and conversations in a safe place. Come away and do something good for your heart. Join us for four days that will change the rest of your days....

Retreat Info for Registrants 

This weekend is set up like a personal journey you’ll take to “get your heart back” so you can begin living the life, as a man, that God designed you for.  You won’t hear a typical “Here’s what a real man looks like…try harder!” kind of message.  Instead you will hear what’s already true about you that Jesus came to RESTORE.  With that said, come curious and hungry.  As  way of “priming the pump” I recommend watching the seven 18-20 videos (one a day?) found at between now and the retreat.



You will be staying in rooms that have their own bathroom and shower and include bedding and towels, but you are welcome to bring your own pillow, sheets, etc. if desired.  



All meals will be provided beginning with Thursday’s dinner at 6:00PM and ending with Sunday’s breakfast.  Please bring your own snacks.  If you have dietary restrictions, please bring what you will need for the weekend.


What to Bring 

___ Registration fee of $195 (Check made out to “Grace to Glory” or  Venmo @GraceToGlory)

___ Toiletries

___ Snacks

___ Casual, comfortable clothing and shoes for hiking, etc.

___ Comfortable Camp/Folding Chair

___ Pillow (if desired)

___ Pens 


Location : Blue Grass Christian Camp Summit Retreat Center, 7463 Athens-Boonesboro Road, Lexington, KY

You’ll see the entrance to Blue Grass Christian Camp on the left, but continue past the camp entrance and watch for the Blue Grass Christian Camp Summit Retreat Center on the left just past the Clark County line. 


Phones - To maximize your experience, unplugging is HIGHLY recommended. It will make a huge difference in the man that returns home. Let your spouses and clients know ahead of time that you have been asked to leave your cell phone off for the retreat. Provide those who may need you this emergency number: 706-273-4025 (Tim Harrison cell)


Recreation options - There will be two afternoons of free time. Come prepared for basketball, volleyball, disc golf (bring your own discs), hiking, high ropes and zip-lining.

(To experience a zip-line canopy tour on Friday, make a reservation at for the 1:00 session. $99.00)


Check in will be open at 3:30 and our first meal together is at 6:00.


I am looking forward to this time with you very much and I’m very proud of you guys for the courage you are demonstrating by carving out this time. 


See you soon. 


(Space is limited to thirty men. Read testimonials from the last BASIC here.)

May 20-23
Blue Grass Christian Camp, Lexington, KY
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