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Wild at Heart BASIC November 19

"This weekend, I realized how much my posing needs exposure. I have started to see my identity, and I'm very excited to see where this is taking me." 

"I have spent the last two years journeying with Christ and through recovery.  I've experienced moments of clarity and glimpses of hope.  But over the last four days, I have experienced the head-to-heart connection that is necessary for lasting growth.  The time to pause from a life of doing things "for God" and simply being with God has been very fruitful.  I was surrounded my men who did an amazing job of showing the image of God through their fingerprint.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"I learned that I am a son of God and that means He loves me and wants to grow me to be a more loving father and spouse.  I am not my career or bank account, rather I am a warrior who has been sent out to fight for those who can't fight for themselves and for my family. This weekend provided rest, focus, and an opportunity to reflect on areas that need more time and care.  I am leaving with an understanding of what my kids need from me, and I'm repenting from where I've sinned.  I am and will be a better man because of this weekend." 

"I loved the rich teaching on the fatherhood of God.  I'm leaving with a fresh resolve to fight for my family that includes my two estranged daughters and a wife who has been a wife in name only.  I see now I have an enemy who comes to 'steal, kill, and destroy,' and I'm leaving equipped to deal with his attacks rather than just give in to them."

"I'm still grieving the loss of my mother two years ago, but God allowed me to realize she isn't gone, but is with Him, being made new.  I now recognize my Father believes in me and I am worth it!"

"As a pastor, this weekend helped me to slow down and realize I don't always have to be giving.  I can receive from the Father.  The weekend also helped me to realize where I am wounded, so that I can let the Father do the healing I need."

"I've had the incredibly freeing reminder that my value comes from none but the Father.  I don't have to do this life alone, and I don't need to spend my energy checking to make sure my girlfriend and family are proud of me.  God also showed me some ways I've been subtly wounded by my father, and how I need to move forward to forgive him and step into the full, dangerous life ahead of me.  With God with me, I'm ready to fight against complacency, against harsh demeaning words from the enemy, and against a boring a life.  I'm rejuvenated for an incredible journey with my Father."

"I was reminded that I am a son of God, dependent like Jesus was on the Father.  I can put the superman cape down and let God carry me to the finish line."

"I now realize that we are at war for the hearts of men."

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