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On Friday afternoon, April 20, Grace to Glory hosted its first annual Golfing by Grace Scramble at Thoroughbred Golf Club at High Point.  As a practical expression of grace, there was no charge to play or network.  It wasn't a free event. It was offered by grace, paid for "by Jesus."


What do we mean by "paid for by Jesus?"  Friends of Grace to Glory, in whom Jesus lives in and through, turned what was originally intended to be a fundraiser to provide counseling for those in our community who need it but can't afford to provide compensation, into a "FRIENDraiser," covering all the expenses for golfers to enjoy a great kickoff lunch and an afternoon of fun competition.


A Grace to Glory Friend is someone who knows us and believes in what God does through our ministry.  


Some friends take advantage of ministries we offer.


Some friends point people to Grace to Glory.


Some friends pray for us.

Some friends partner with us financially to make our ministry sustainable and help us expand our impact.

We chose this approach because our number one priority is to help people grasp just how good God's grace really is. To accomplish our purpose and mission, we need "friends" more than we need a big sum of money all at once.

Offering a Golfing by Grace Scramble is consistent with how we roll as a ministry.

The team at Grace to Glory, currently made up of Tim and Michelle Harrison, counsels and coaches by grace, offering faith-based, professional services to the people in our community regardless of the compensation they can or cannot provide.  Our suggested donation per session is $75, already half of the going rate for individual counseling or coaching. We have some people who have the resources to provide that, but many who have no resources to draw from, including many who have just finished a residential recovery program.


Our original goal was to raise funds to cover 150 sessions of either counseling or coaching for those in our community who need our services, but are not in a position to help make the ministry sustainable.  We exchanged that goal with raising 150 friends who know our heart to bless first and trust God to provide in His perfect timing.


The Golfing by Grace Scramble was also an opportunity for local businesses to showcase their services, again at no charge.

Contact us if you would like to play or network at the 2nd Annual Golfing by Grace Friendraiser in Spring of 2019!

Click here to invest in the counseling and coaching ministry of Grace to Glory!

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